Grey or GraySeveral times a day, this scenario occurs. A client comes in looking for paint colors: “I want to do . . . (wait for it) GREY!!! Then they proceed to explain that even though they want to use Grey in their design, they have nothing GREY or GRAY in their space, but they still want to do it. My natural inclination as a problem solver is to figure out how they can get what they want while still making the correct choice in their particular space.

Paint is still one of the most impactful ways of transforming a space. Updating with new paint colors can help see results really quick!! But not everyone can do grey, and that’s okay. A key factor when making this decision is you have to take into account the existing furniture and accessories.

One of the challenges that I am seeing lately and the reason I get brought in to help consult is that the client is struggling with how to incorporate new wall paint with an existing trim color. This is always my first question when a distraught lady comes into the store frustrated why her “grey” paint color is turning blue in her space. Suppose you have “beige” trim and all of your plantation shutters are also painted that color, unless you are willing to re-paint the entire house of trim including having the plantation shutters taken off and sprayed, you had better find that color that will still complement the current trim color. Unless the client is ready and willing to change the ivory or beige trim, it can really limit you on “painting with GREY”.

Grey or GrayThe goal is to have a color plan to achieve that cohesive look but still incorporate some of your own personal style. Forget the trends and do what works with your own personal space.

Make your home unique to you. Try adding an accent wall of an interesting wallpaper that makes you happy. Paint a fun wall color that is bold, to highlight a family picture grouping (remember it’s only paint). I have seen so many clients feeling pressured that if their home is not white and gray they are doing it wrong. There is nothing I like seeing more than some character and personality in a home. Even though the grey paint palette is calm and seems relaxing it is not for everyone.


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