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Pre-Installation Checklist

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Getting Ready For Your New Floor Covering:

  1. Our installers will only move furniture and packed boxes. The furniture should be cleared of all breakables such as lamps, pictures, décor items, special care items, books, magazines, etc. Glass, marble or slate tabletops should also be removed. Remove antiques, plants, & other fragile items requiring special care.
  2. Secure jewelry, and other valuable items in an area unrelated to your installation. China & Curio cabinets should be emptied of all items including the glass shelving.
  3. Remove books from bookcases, and all breakables/valuables located in furniture drawers.
  4. Our installers must be informed of any electrical or equipment wiring under carpet or along the baseboards, including alarm systems, computer cables, & telephone systems. Computer, television, & other electronic cables should be unhooked and moved to an installation free area.
  5. Closets should be cleared including the items on the floor and hanging clothes.
  6. Beds should be stripped of all linens, and underneath should be cleared.
  7. Before installation: Arrange for professional removal of large pianos, organs, grandfather clocks, aquariums, big screen tvs, & regulation pool tables (4’x 8’ or larger). Small piano’s/organs, pool tables can be moved, but must be specified in advance as special costs may need to be added for extra laborers and/or equipment.
  8.  If applicable, arrange for a qualified plumber to remove & reinstall pedestal sinks, toilets, or to disconnect/reconnect washing machines, refrigerators, waterlines, dishwashers. Arrangements must be made for professional removal & reconnection of all gas appliances.
  9. It is possible that the installation process may scratch or mar your walls or baseboards. Be sure to have paint handy so you can touch up if necessary.
  10. Installation of new flooring frequently prevents doors from swinging or sliding freely. You will need to have a qualified carpenter cut your doors either prior to or after the installation.

Thanks for Your Cooperation. These Steps Will Help to Avoid Problems/Delays.

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